Why is there a differentiated area between calves and feet?

The reason is very simple. In the correct maintenance of a memory mattress, it is necessary to turn it head-to-foot every three months, to guarantee its uniform wear from the first months. The formation of bumps and depressions is thus prevented.

Imagine turning a mattress in different areas. In this way, your head will go to rest on the lift area intended for the feet. This may seem strange, but in reality, it is not so. In fact, with 7 differentiated zones, you will actually have two areas for the shoulders, rather than an area for the calves. And the body support will remain adequate even when the mattress is turned.

The number of differentiated zones:

There are various mattresses with differentiated zones on the market, which differ both in their composition and in the number of zones. We will have models with 5 different zones and models with up to 12 different zones. The ideal choice is a mattress with differentiated areas with at least 7 lift areas, which for people of the average build is always a good solution.

Mattresses with several different areas are usually more valid, often the best ones have 9 lift areas, not for the imagination of the producers; how much more to respond to a wider range of needs, such as people of less than average height or of different builds. Creating areas with high and low lift, combined with areas of passage with medium support.

We summarize: the mattress differentiated areas is certainly an article for the rest of those who want the best possible rest for their body, without compromising. It has been designed so that the vertebral column is correctly aligned, whether it rests on its side or on its back; in this way, it prevents and reduces problems such as joint pain, low back pain and the like.

The minimum recommended number of zones is 7 or 9. Some mattresses have more than 9 differentiated zones, but as we talked about in the article on spring mattresses. Our body does not perceive the difference, which is extremely small. The fact remains that you need to rest comfortably and wake up well. A mattress with differentiated areas is certainly the best way to do it.

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